• Fiber optic solutions

    OTO Flush Mount Outlet

Optisch glasvezelaansluitdoos inbouw versie voor FTTH

With the FTTH wall embedded socket you can bring in the fiber optics until your apartment. All data (TV, Internet, Telephone etc.) can be transmitted over fiber optics. The integrated F-3000™ mating adapters and connector with laser- and dust protection flap are compatible with the current standard LC (IEC 61754-20/ED1) and permit to splice easily up to four pigtails with the fiber type G.657.A. It matches the present technical performance features (FTTH Inhouse) of Swisscom and the BAKOM and allows optional RJ45 copper connections for T and T+DSL. With some additional accessories the UP Outlet can also be installed as surface mount socket or as module inside a combined outlet (switch system).