• Fiber optic solutions

    Mini-Bridge 10/100

Plug & Play optische converter

Mini Bridge 10/100 Image The Mini Bridge offers an easy and cost effective integration of twisted-pair cable 10 or 100BaseTX into modern fiber based Fast Ethernet (100BaseFX) networks. In addition to the media conversion a speed adjustment of data rates 10 and 100 MBit/s as well as the half and full duplex modes. Existing length restrictions for Ethernet (5 km) and Fast Ethernet segments (412 m) are eliminated by the bridge (segment splitting).


  • Compact size
  • Segment splitting and speed adaption
  • Auto-Negotiation 10/100Base-TX
  • Half/full-duplex and 10/100 Mbit/s mode manual configurable
  • Status/diagnostic LED’s
  • Connection Control "Link Trough"
  • Power Selector (DC power supply or optional self powering cable USB)
  • Fanless

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