• Fiber optic solutions


Kleine FTU (Fiber termination Unit)

Due to its compact design, the Mini-BEP (building entry point) from DIAMOND is particularly suited for small residential units and as a floor distributor.

The interior of the box has space for a splice tray which accommodates up to 12 fibre splices. Behind it is sufficient room to store any excess cable. The swivelling splice tray allows for considerably easy access, thus enabling work to be carried out on the box conveniently. The lightweight plastic housing is protected against dirt and water spray and easily withstands outdoor temperature fluctuations.


  • Easily accessible thanks to swivelling splice tray
  • Simple wall mounting with two screws
  • Sealed plastic housing
  • Storage for excess cable
  • Accommodates a maximum of four F-3000™ duplex mating adapters
  • A total of 5 cable entries