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    Adapters Universal Interface (ADT-UNI)

Optische adapters voor meetapparatuur

The ADT-UNI is a universal connector/adapter slution, which provides unparalleled optical performance and proven long-term reliability. The universal adapters which allows the acceptance of E-2000™, FC, SC, LSA (DIN) and ST™ connectors, are modular interchangeable adapters based on 2.5 mm diameter mating sleeve whose size, ease of cleaning and inspection make them an ideal choice for test and measurement equipment.

These adapters, which are suitable for SM (PC & APC versions) and MM PC applications, must be used with the respective ADT-UNI Universal Connectors, which provide an internal connection to the equipment.

For more information concerning Universal connectors, please refer to the ADT-UNI (Universal Connector Interface) datasheet.