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DIAMOND is een dynamische en innovatieve onderneming, die voortdurend nieuws over hun producten, technologieën en diensten publiceert.

Op deze pagina vindt u ook algemene informatie over het bedrijf en onze partners, evenals documentatie en nog veel meer.


E-2000® - Well-Proven and Yet Innovative

The unsurpassed mechanical and optical interfaces of the E-2000® connector family is ideal for most standard applications.  The E-2000® connector…

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Diamond's PM measurement method recognized as IEC Standard

The use of polarization maintaining (PM) optical fiber has grown continuously in the last two decades. With the increasing number of applications, the…

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Optical / Electrical OEM connector Insert

Outdoor and industrial conditions are typically much harsher than those endured by standard commercial connectors and cable assemblies. Harsh…

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Cleaning & Inspection

The fast-growing deployment of optical fiber in industrial, avionic, military and transportation applications are leading to the increasing use of…

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Mating Adapter for High Power

Today’s high-power pump lasers utilize multimode fibers that typically require a low loss fiber optic connection to ensure ultimate performance.…

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Interlock Interconnect Solutions For Harsh Environments

The DIAMOND HE-2000™ fiber optic connector provides reliability and high-performance using an integrated interlock control contact. This feature…

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In-Field Connector Manufacturing System

Are you looking for a reliable solution that provides fast, easy and high performing in-field optical connector manufacturing and repairing kit?…

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Revolutionary Maintenance-Free Fiber Optic Interconnects

DIAMOND SA is excited to announce our new Expanded Beam (XB) lensed ferrule interconnect series to further strengthen our wide range of existing…

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Micro AVIM™

Born out of the Diamond Miniature Interface "DMI", the Micro AVIM™ is the smallest package connector delivering state-of-the-art performance in harsh…

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Improve your application by minimizing Insertion Loss (IL)

One of the primary functions of a fiber optic connector is to provide a seamless optical transmission between fibers, including minimal loss and high…

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The Lensed Revolution

Diamond has been working in both the commercial and the harsh environment sectors for many years and has created a modular product that makes harsh…

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Reliable low insertion loss RFoG / RFoF solutions

In RF over Fiber networks, insertion and return losses have a huge impact on the signal-to-noise ratio. Diamond interconnect solutions assure very low…

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DIAMOND fiber optic sensor sub–assemblies: precise and reliable

In the field of fiber optic sensing, connections that provide ultra-low loss, along with immunity to environmental disturbances, will enhance the…

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High power pump lasers utilizing multimode fibers require a low loss fiber optic connector to ensure ultimate performance. The newest PSm mating…

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5G FTTA Interconnect Solutions

The 5G revolution is upon us and DIAMOND is ready with a series of Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) dedicated solutions. The new 5G technology will lead to…

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MIL-38999 DM4 SIZE 25

The MIL-38999 DM4 size 25 connector incorporates four fiber optic termini based on Diamond's two-component ferrules, assembled with our Active Core…

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DM4 Multipurpose Termini

One of the main requirements of an outdoor connector is to protect against the intrusion of dirt and water, coupled with the resistant against…

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HE-2000™ for demanding applications

HE-2000™ connectors are hybrid, opto-electrical, multi-contact termini developed to operate in harsh environments. The sturdy construction offers…

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Polarization products PM and PM+

Official launch of Polarization Maintaining – PM+ connectors

The new DIAMOND PM+ product line was developed following customer demand for improved…

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Quality in a compact package

The F-3000™ fiber optic connector family was developed in response to increasing customer demands for a high performance, small-form-fit factor (SFF)…

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Quality certification by ESA

Diamond SA is proud to announce that following last year’s publication of the European Space Component Coordination (ESCC) standards for optical…

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Vibration-proof connectors - on water, land and space

Losone (CH) - Fiber optics offer many advantages to conventional electronic systems: large bandwidth capacity, low energy consumption and low energy…

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Advanced fiber-optic interconnect solutions for medical devices

DIAMOND has been providing high performance interconnect solutions to the medical industry for many years. Our Active Core Alignment (ACA) process is…

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Backbone: reliable fiber optic connections for essential transmission points

Malfunctions or failures in optical backbone networks are the nightmare of any network operator and can result in nerve-wracking and often costly…

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Interconnect solutions for magnetic and vacuum environments

Fiber optic connectors often must withstand environmental conditions that are typically beyond the capabilities of commercial products. Magnetic…

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Sensitivity in Harsh Environments


Polarization-maintaining optical fibers are used in specialty applications often found in fiber optic sensing, metrology and laser technology.  They…

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New Cleaning & Inspection Kit

Optical network problems are primarily caused by dirt particles trapped between two fiber end faces that will significantly degrade the optical…

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The continuous growth in the laser technology has broadened the requirements for more complex and higher performance systems. Specific applications…

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Diamond F-SMA PSi connectors are mainly used for medium to high power laser delivery in industrial, medical and military applications. These…

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